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Custom Remington 11-87 Tactical Shotgun: This is THE American tactical shotgun! All elements were purchased and assembled by me. Here is what it has:

  1. Custom tactical stock with pistol grip.
  2. Cheek pad on the stock to properly align your firing eye and sights while providing a good cheek weld.
  3. GG&G tactical sling adapter located between the receiver and stock.
  4. “Border Patrol” sights for quick target acquisition and sight alignment.
  5. Large tactical bolt handle.
  6. Custom loading gate/bolt release. Customized to my specifications. No other one like it in the world. Very fast and efficient.
  7. Surefire pressure operated tactical light front hand guard. (I have the Surefire light that screws into the hand guard (see photo). I just didn’t have it with me when the photos were taken.) The actual Surefire light ships with the gun.
  8. 6-round side-saddle.

Price: $1,200.00

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